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Order of conduct

Any legal entities, regardless of their form of ownership, can participate in tender, including small businesses that meet the conditions for participation in the tender, as well as manufacturers of the products offered and/or their authorized suppliers, providing full warranty obligations (conditions) from manufacturing plant.

  1. Customer name: SUE “OQUV TALIM TAMINOT”

Customer address: Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Sairam, 3-deadend, house 92, Tashkent, 100077, Republic of Uzbekistan.

Phone: (+99871) 267-01-83, 267-74-50, 267-28-70.

Fax: (+99871) 267-71-16. E-mail: talimtaminot@mail.ru.

  1. Tender subject: student supplies for first grade students and for children with disabilities for 2019-2020 academic year.
  2. Each lot is considered as a separate unit of the tender subject and the procurement procedure, i.e. the tenderer can participate in all the lots as well as in one lot individually, and the Customer can enter into agreements with several tenderers who have submitted the best offer for a specific lot (s)
    1. The source of finance: budget funds
    2. The currency of the payment:

    For local suppliers: UZS.

    For foreign suppliers and manufacturers: USD, Euro, RUB.

    1. In order to participate in the tender the tenderer should:
    • Get (download) the electronic version of tender documentation, placed on the special information portal xarid.uz to get acquainted with the conditions of the tender;
    • Provide the guarantee of the tender proposal during its validity, in one of the forms provided in the tender documentation;
    • – Submit a tender offer executed in accordance with the requirements of the tender documentation in due time.
    1. Prior to the tender, the procurement commission will conduct a qualifying selection of participants who are allowed to participate in the tender. Qualification requirements for bidders are set in the tender documentation.
    2. Form and procedure for ensuring tender bids, requirementsto the design of the tender proposal and their submission, commercial conditions, technical requirements, draft agreement, etc. are specified in the tender documentation.
    3. The tenderer has the right to send to the customer a request for clarification of the provisions of the tender documentation in the official form. Within two working days from the date of receipt of the abovementioned request, the customer is obliged to send, in the prescribed form, clarifications according to the annex, if the request has been received by the customer no later than two days before the deadline for submission of proposals. Clarifications of the provisions of the tender documentation should not change its essence.
    4. The form for submitting a request for clarification of the provisions of the tender documentation must be executed on the company’s letterhead with the seal and signature of the head of the organization.
    5. The deadline for accepting tender offers is set to 15:00 Tashkent time“10” May 2019 at the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, 100077, MirzoUlugbek district, st.Sairam, 3-dead end, house 92.
    6. The venue of the tender meeting in the building of the SUE “Oquvtalim-taminot”.
    7. For more information on the terms of tender, please contact the following customer representatives:

    First deputy director – TillashayhovSayfitdin, phone: +998 71 267-73-39

    Head of state procurements – DjurabekovaMalika, phone: +998 71 267-01-83